why your business needs branding!

Do you ever just feel like all the big brands just started their businesses way back when and vula they were just a instant success?, like some how they knew how to brand thier business, how to market it in a kickarse way that it just worked and still is working so easily now all these years later?

Whilst your over here just dropped the kids at school in your active wear, mum bun, no makeup on, you open your laptop to start work on your passion and begin scratching your head wondering why your business isn’t as successful as you would like it to be or as you know it can be!?

Whilst as much as we would all love it to be so easy.. the truth is these big brands are always re-evaluating their branding and marketing strategies.
It takes as much effort and time to create the perfect branding for your business, marketing strategy and then constantly monitoring it to see how it performs and how the public or your customers respond to it as it does designing your product and then actually selling it to the public and all that in-between!

There is so much more that goes into creating a kickarse business than just making your items, setting up a Facebok page and collecting the money!

Whilst there is many things you can do to help build your business and we will discuss all of them in detail, together we will grow and nurture your dreams into an amazing business, one you will be proud to call your own that brings financial freedom that all of us entrepreneurs want!

First lets talk about your branding.

Whilst some of you have already started your businesses using paid designers to do your branding and some of you have created your own. Others are just starting your business and want to hit the ground running.

A brand audit is a great way to re-evaluate your business branding and design, if you are using you competitors or market leaders as a benchmark, looking to rebrand or just wanting a over view of where your business marketing and branding is positioned and how well it is performing. A branding Audit is a valuable exercise to undertake.

What is this brand audit you say?
Trust me when I first started out in business way back when I had never even heard of a brand audit!

Stay with me because I will get going to get all business chit chat for a moment!

A brand audit is a detailed analysis of a how your business is performing compared to its stated goals and then it looks at the wider landscape to check how your business performance positions you in the market of your competitors.
The method behind the audit depending on your industry and what you exactly choose to measure should allow you to see:
Establish performance of your brand
Pin point strengths and weaknesses
Align your strategy more closely with the expectations of your customers
Understand your place in the market compared to your competition

Why do you need a brand audit you ask?
If you want to succeed in business and play hard ball with your competitors you must have a strong hold and constancy with your branding.

If your a diy person like so many of us are these days we have created a diy brand audit form for you to download here.
It lets you over view your business and find out its weaknesses and strengths and where you have to improve or where you are kicking goals.

If your like me …it took a long time for me to realise it it really easier to outsource these types of things to the professionals… I was always a DIY person.. lets face it I still am.
I’ll Diy anything right down to building that vegetable garden I have been nagging my husband to do for years.. now thats another story and slightly off topic…

Back to what I was saying .. if your like me and realise its easier to outsource certain things you can employ a professional like ourselves at Kiss Branding and Design to get into the nitty gritty of a audit of your business.. think of us like a specialist doctor coming in and doing a health check of your child to give them the best start in life they can have or to help them move forward and excel in life.
Every business is different so we perform a in-depth detailed audit one thats specially structured for your business, we then sit down together and discuss our findings and how you can move forward and bring that kickarse business to fruition!!!
Lets do this together lets create something truly amazing !!!


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