We have been freelancing for a long time now 15+ years, so we know how this works. Our process is streamlined, it’s clear, it’s simple and there is not room for guff and nonsense. We will ask you specific questions to get the information that is needed. Then the magic happens!

Step 1.

After you place an order with us, we will be in contact within a day asking for the finer details of your project. If we are creating a new branding package, we will ask you a few questions and give you homework to do.

If you’re an established brand and we are creating something else for you, we will need all of your branding assets including logos, fonts and colour palette. We will also need a brief for your project detailing what you’re after, plus all text and imagery supplied.

Step 2.

Once we have received your brief and you’ve provided the information and content we need, if we get stuck into creating your design’s for you.

Step 3.

Depending on the item we are creating for you, you’ll choose one of the concept designs to workshop further over the course of three rounds of concise feedback.

Step 4.

Done! You’ll give me the ok on your final design and we will supply you with the files for your specific project (indeed, eps, png, jpg, pdf) and  you are right to go.

If you are needing anything printed, we can sort it out for you we can also give you some recommendations for fantastic local printers.

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