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Hello and Welcome!  We are the owners of Kiss Branding and Design please grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and take a look around our little website.

Kiss Branding and Design is a boutique design studio, we would love to help you grow your business by creating brand identities and web concepts that help you o business. Our designs are for creative businesses and bloggers not only in Australia but worldwide. Our names are Renee and Rebecca. We are the designers and branding specialists behind Kiss Branding and Design.

Renee currently live’s in Rosebud with her husband, Kane, with their three girls and 5 horses. When we aren’t working (which is rare these days) you can find our crew Competing at horse shows around Australia. Also spending time with our extended family and exploring what the Mornington Peninsula has to offer.
Rebecca currently live’s in Townsville with her husband, Justin, their five children three boys, two little girls and a dog Lucky. We recently moved to Townsville for Justin’s job and fell in love with the dry tropics. When we aren’t working you can find us making trips back to the beach, hanging with the kids walking down to our little neighbour hood park.
Eight years ago we started working on projects together  “Children’s Parties” and brain storming ideas for other businesses.
We saw a large gap in the market for beautiful branding and helping small business owners find affordable design options.
We love being able to do what we love everyday while helping other small businesses and bloggers create a beautiful branded businesses.
We also have a collection of wall prints as your home and office should be filled with designs that resinate with you. Whether you’re looking to update your blog, revamp your logo, or add a beautiful print to your home or office, we have something to help you.
We also love working one-on-one, creating exclusive one of a kinds designs just for you. So, please feel free to inquire about these designs or view meow details about our custom packages here.

We look forward to learning more about your dream business!

renee & rebecca
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