starting your own business?

All stay at home mums I need a word with you!

Are you a stay at home mum, busy with the kids all day and absolutely loving it but your an entrepreneur like me and lacking something a little extra in your life?

You want to do something to make your own money but really don’t know what to do?

You have so many different ideas in your head of what you think can make you money, but really feeling lost and don’t know what to do or even how to do it!!

I was once also confused with what I could do to make some money whilst staying at home with the kids…

I toyed with the idea of working for someone, working nights whilst the kids slept, but the harsh reality was that those options just weren’t viable for our situation.

You see my husband works hard, like really hard, that mans life is spent working six or seven days a week often doing 16 hour days .. he leaves home at 4:30am and doesn’t return home until well after dark often as late as10:30pm. He earns a great wage for our family but I was feeling lost, felt like I was missing something in life and I realised what it was, I wasn’t earning money like the past adult in me used to do.  I had embraced becoming a mum and wife – I took to my roll with arms open and loved it, but I never sit still always looking for more… I just couldn’t put my mind or energy to rest… I just kept going around and around in circles..  I am a entrepreneur at heart and always have ideas, don’t get me wrong the ideas are both mediocre and some are fairly good I think floating around in my head. So I took the leap of faith all those years ago and started my own business, it instantly made me feel whole. Made me feel empowered as a mum who really could do it all and show my daughters that women can do what ever they want!

It was tough going at the start lots of long hours at night, once the kids were in bed sleeping and my mummy duties had settled down for the day, my business day started. When I started I had a newborn on my hip and as our family grew through the years so did my business… the business became my other child and now my children proudly tell their friends what their mummy does when asked because they to have become involved in the business and they feel a sort of responsibility and achievement in its success.

The first thing I did when I was wanting to start my own business was:- Write all my ideas down in a type of flow chart or some what messy scribble.

Its important to write things down, write down everything you have in your head, your dreams, goals and where you expect to be in the future. You see once these are written down there is a sort of accountability you now have for yourself to accomplish these goals. You can write down something so simple as a question. What do I want to do? right through to turning over 1 million dollars in 1 year to taking over the world (insert evil laugh) with your product or service !!

Go and grab your pen and paper start jotting down ideas, I’ll sit here and wait until your done.

Written down your ideas? Tick.

Now give yourself a big pat on the back you have taken the firsts step in becoming your own business owner woohoo!

You now need to research your competitors , see who’s out there , who’s doing what you want to do and how they do it.. are they doing it well? What do you like about their products and how can you do better than them? Who are the market leaders in your industry? Look at them, research them and take note. These guys are the market leaders for a reason and they are obvioulsy doing something right because the are kicking ass ! Now think how can you set yourself apart from these other businesses and make clients see that you offer something different that they need !

Now before you go any further STOP if you live in Australia you must obtain a ABN jump on the abn register site here and grab yourself a sole trader abn if its only you in business, if your heading out into the business world with a friend you will need a partnership abn, its all fairly self explanatory and if you have any issues just give the register a call and they will walk you through it.

Next is the business name grab your pen and paper again and write down a whole lot of ideas and just words that describe your business any type of word it doesn’t even have to make sense just write them all down!

Now because you have done your research on your competititors you will have noticed a trend in business names. Select words and put them together, you will do this for a little while and toy with ideas until you get the taadaa moment ! Once you have your name you need to do a business name check to make sure your business name is available, you can do that here. If the business name is available purchase that name stat! Jump to it go ! you can pay for three yours at once or one year at a time.

Now I want you to down load our FREE business planner no strings attached its totally Free here and you won’t get loads of horrid spammy emails just for downloading it! You can thank us later 😉  go and take a look and print it off. The business plan is your next step, no business is successful without one. You must look at price points of your products and decide where your product or service sits in the market. The step by step points are outlined in the business plan you have just downloaded!

If you are a product business and have some sample products already made it is important to get some amazing professional photographs taken of your product, it makes the whole branding process a lot more effective and visually enticing for your potential client.

If you are a service based business, its a great idea to get some professional head shots done or photos of you in a casual setting which ever your business feel portrays.

Product business you must look at your packaging options and what works for your product along with how customers will receive your product, are you going to do a market stall and sell online or is your business solely online, We will cover market stall businesses in a later blog.

YOLO LOGO yes before you can set the world of business on fire you have to do some back ground work first. Next is the logo, this is so important its the face of your business and it has to be right! Once the logo is finalised you need business cards, labels, invoice pages just to name a few and of course a website. I wouldn’t recommend doing a DIY branding or website design, it best to obtain an experienced branding company like us at Kiss Branding and Design to create your amazing branding.

The branding is the face of your business and we will cover all things branding in the coming weeks with a blog post. Once you have all your branding finalised and you can see exactly how kick ass this business is going to be its time to create your social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google plus, Twitter, Etsy, Handmade OH MY! the options are endless here.

Whilst it is very important to be across every platform I advise that you concentrate on one platform mostly, one that most of your potential clients are active on. When creating your social pages its important to have a great intro or bio of your business, ask questions and answer them, make the potential client want to find out more. Its also important to use great content in your social pages, images must be high quality and on brand trend. We will cover all of this in a later blog post, we will help you become social savvy! You will need a invoicing system set up a now that you have your abn, business name, branding, website and social pages you are ready to go live and show the world what your about and what amazing product or service you offer!

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