Baby Lanah’s & Co. started from an idea I had to become my own boss.

The idea of not punching a clock, starting my day late had me intrigued.

No one ever mentions how hard it is though!

I spent the first three months leading up to my launch in May 2018 researching affordable wholesale companies with stylish kids clothing.

I wanted the best products at the most affordable prices for my moms, grandmothers, godmothers, whoever does the shopping. After finding a few companies, I started setting up profiles and going through products I would love to sell. Even now, I have 500$ worth of products to be added to my website.

I just add and switch out products once or twice a week. The easiest part of this journey was a name.

I named my boutique after my youngest daughter Alanah. I thought it would be a unique idea. I think that’s why I’m so biased when it comes to picking products.

I have more girl items than boys. My successes are far in between but still I count them as victories. My first customer was my husband’s cousin. I was so excited, I couldn’t contain myself.

It was a proud moment for me that someone actually wanted to buy my things. She bought her son two short sets with animations on them. They were so adorable to me.

Business has been pretty slow though. I get inquiries all the time, but very few make it to checkout. Most people don’t realize I’m an online based boutique. They expect me to carry the clothes in my back pocket. I struggle with the idea of ordering items before they sell, because what if they don’t sell? I’d be stuck with them at home. I had my first photoshoot on 6/22/18. My theme was mommy and me. It was a huge success. I was overjoyed that everyone showed up and shined through the camera. The hardest thing to do is get others to volunteer their time and services for you. The babies really made it a hit with their big personalities. I’m hoping this will be the push I need to actually take off. At this point, I spend more money than I make on promotions, models, and photographers. As I was talking to some other entrepreneurs, they reminded me God always has a plan. Though I don’t quite know it now, it will soon be shown to me!
Thank you.

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