Don’t be afraid to turn right!

I’m sitting on the chair watching the rain come down and I think to myself, ‘time for me to make a change’. I get up from the chair, walk to the next room and say to my husband of 23 years, we need to talk…

After 26 years of being together – our lives were about to change. That was the hardest, as well as the easiest thing I did that day.  Yes, there’s been tears, tantrums, begging to reconcile (from both us) and all whilst trying to ensure the children were always taken into consideration.  

The next phase, the family home was sold, the kids and I moved to another smaller home about five minutes away, and life as a single parent began.  Equal custody is something we agree on with 50% at each house week to week, which the kids endure for seven years before saying NO MORE! Now the eldest drives so they can come and go between houses when it suits them – not us.  

March 2011, I land a role I didn’t want.  The job market just wasn’t being kind to me. I considered going back to the Bank (former bank manager before kids) and also considered continuing my new career as an Education Support Officer, but that wasn’t going to pay the bills and, despite gaining extra qualifications during that first year of separation, this next role was my only choice at the time.  A licence tester at Vic Roads.  I thought ‘my god – why would I put myself at risk and do a job like this?’  Yet, surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it.  So, after almost two years of doing this I took the extra plunge, with the support of my children and partner. (Yes, I found a fabulous new man), I trained to become a driving instructor, quit Vic Roads and started my own business in February 2014 – and have never looked back!

In saying that I’ve never looked back, it’s been an emotional and financial roller coaster getting to today. But with the support of family, wonderful friends and connecting with some extraordinary women through various forms of networking, I have managed to find my true voice and lift my confidence to a level that I never thought possible.  

The true turning point for me has been during the last eighteen months.  Being a driving instructor is a fabulous and fulfilling role but as we know, there are so many driving instructors out there.  How can I separate myself from the others and find my niche?  By creating an educational program aimed at parents, who will in turn be retrained to support their children through the maze of teaching their kids to drive.  The program called The Blue P Program which has received publicity in print, social media and influencers sharing my business and help get the word out there. I also support anxiety clients, the elderly and employers. 

So, if you’ve been procrastinating and wondering what your niche could possibly be?  Sit down and have a look at your competitors.  What makes them stand out?  How could you do something different?  Are you stuck in a rut with your relationship? Your job?  Anything?  I truly cannot believe the difference in me from eight years ago when it all fell apart to today – mid 2018.  Yes, I’ve gotten older, my kids have grown too fast and my friendship circle has completely changed BUT, my journey is also just unfolding, I’ve now improved my confidence to go into the future with a renewed enthusiasm which I never dreamt possible.

Want to discuss further? Feel free to email me anytime for a chat! 

Sarah Bruce

Drive Skills 4 Life

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