Here’s my story in short.

I’m a Malaysian and I live in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m a medical doctor by profession and designer, entrepreneur and businesswoman by passion.

When I was a kid, I was one of the top students in class and a very studious one too. But I always had a passion for design, colours and fashion.
I used to redecorate my home very often and my mum used to think that I was crazy. I even planned on how I would build my own 5-star hotel some day! Well, being a smartest, I was qualified enough to enter med school and so began my journey into a the noble profession.

Around 11 years ago, I met my husband and I told him about my passion for design and decor. He encouraged me to pursue my dreams. One step at a time, I decided to step into the business world. I started designing and decorating my friends’ homes. Soon enough I quit my practice and decided to become a full-time entrepreneur.

This year, I decided to open an online shop. It’s a lifestyle store and I personally curate all the items myself. My blog was just launched last week. I love writing and I have always won top prizes at writing competitions in school.

So that’s my long story cut short.

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