Hello! I’m Rebecca Bowler

It is such an honor to be the first Empower women with Kiss, I love the idea of inspiring women all over to follow their dreams, and never give up.

My passion for design. In year 10 we have placement for two weeks with work experience and boy did I give my mum a hard time about it. Nursing No – faint the site of blood, Dog washing – No hate the smell – as you can see I was a right prat.Then one of mum’s friends said my brother’s Printing company is looking for a pre-press Apprentice.

So I went it and gave them my paper work for work experience. What was the worse they could say. It was the best two weeks I could have asked for my graphics teacher rocked up and made sure I was doing what I had too the guys that I was working with thought it was funny as the teacher who had been my teacher for three years called me Sarah the whole time. She had no idea who I was or if I was in her class. No I wasn’t the best student and yes I hated school with a passion but maybe and apprenticeship would be the best way to go. The guys that I did my work experience with were fantastic and I would still go a visit them every week even to swap the floors even after my set dates.

So at the end of year 11 I applied for a Pre-Press apprenticeship and was surprised that I got the job.

I have been working in the industry ever since one way or another. I love anything to do with graphics and design I have been very lucky to work with a number of fantastic, brilliant and creative people for the last 25 years. In prepress, art departments, marketing companies, and in social media.

I have doing graphic design and marketing from home for the last 10 years working freelance and growing a family. There has been many a time where I would be working with a little ones asleep on my shoulder or under my desk in their rocker. So why freelance when Chris was 2 weeks old my husband lost his job and as we all know you still need money for a morgage and food.

What most people don’t know is Justin is fantastic as sales and marketing so you would have thought it was a match in heaven right. No we got some bad advice from other people around us and the worst part is we listened. We did go to business coaching together and learned alot – about what not to do. Justin was lost and being a full time parent was not the best thing as he had lost confidence in himself. So he started applying for jobs and found a job in a industry that he loves.

So to grow a business on my own I went to back to school and learned about marketing and social media I started up a business called “Party Printables” which was invitations that people can download and print at home. Perfect for a mum that was working from home problem was – I wasn’t thinking big enough and trying to do and be everything for everyone.

One of the most daunting things I have ever had to do is get up in front of a crowd of 6,000 people to talk about getting the most out of your graphics for marketing your business – I wasn’t prepared the presenter hadn’t shown up and the people hosting the event were stressed and a girlfriend dobbed me in. I know what you are thinking but somehow with this I found that I loved getting up and showing people how to be able to build their business with simple strategies that are consistent. One big one was – where is your phone number how will people contact you!!! They were so focused on their design they had forgotten to check the details.

During this time I struggled with trying to be the perfect mum and running a perfect business trying to please everyone and do everything but becoming very unhappy myself I have never felt so low or tired ever.

Then Justin lost his job again with no jobs in his industry in Melbourne things were not looking good for our little family now with four little ones. Next thing we know Justin had a job interview in Townsville he found a house the poor guy had a list with 89 things that the house (and boy did I make it hard for him) and within a few weeks we had moved. Surprisingly though it has been one of the best moves we could have made as a family. We even grew the family by another child so we have five little ones and I even grew ‘Party Printables’ so we were getting a nice little wage from it.

So why start Kiss Branding and Design we want to help people grow their businesses.

One of the very first marketing people I ever worked with always had a poster on her wall KISS and it’s stuck with me for all these years Keep. It. Simply. Stunning. I know that most use KISS as something else (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) but when Renee and I decided that we were going to moving forward with Kiss Branding and Design. I couldn’t go pass Kiss for the first part of our business name.

So why start a business – that is in a highly competitive market we have and know things that other people don’t, how to grow a business on a shoestring, how to get the most out of your marketing and most of all helping other people grow their businesses.

So in short Renee and Myself as a team are a unstoppable, powerhouse, female superheros and want to share, teach and support women to excelle in their business  🙂


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