A woman with a voice that no one understood, learning disabilities they wouldn’t accept and with a personality to love others regardless has found the courage to speak through radio……

After decades of being bullied and discriminated against, and told I was not good enough at anything I changed her life.
I knows I am different but longer felt less. My voice, my thoughts, my actions are as important to this world as anyone else.

My story is a very special, born a triplet and hid behind my mother’s skirt, and didn’t speak till I was 5 years old, bullied at school, reading, writing, speaking the English word was not part of my world. I didn’t believe I would ever have a normal life, and boy I sure don’t now…

My diagnose was dyslexia and Dyspraxia was a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs the ability to read which made my speech messages from the brain to the month not heard and writing incomprehensible.

In turn, it made my life unbearable with no self-worth and lack the confidence for my vision as well as my special gift to heal, I was thinking of ending it all.

I had to empower myself or die, and I knew my experiences was a very special gift, at 45 years of age it was time to grow into my greatness I was born a leader.

The results were almost instant and people couldn’t believe my improvement in a short space of time, which in turn gave me the confidence to learn radio announcing and then to become a radio presenter and finally my own show Pay It Forward, which I interview leading experts in health and healing.

From a lady with no voice and little communication I now am in 18 months,

A guest Keynote speaker, up and coming Author, Title Speak to me Doctors can’t do that. A co-host of a three-hour community Radio show, my own community Radio Show Pay It Forward, interviewing special guest speaker from all over the world, A member of Rotary a huge organization of givers and making a difference, A small business in healing Strong & Vital Energy Wellness clinic with a reputation of curing the incurable. The founder of Strength & Vitality Foundation Inc building hope and healing for the community of Melbourne Australia, The Founder and Director of the First Holistic Hospital Integration of medicine for people to come in for free. And that’s just the start my own internet radio network that’s is a global identity. I am taking my power to the world.

Strength & Vitality Foundation Inc – The foundation of healing, your body has a God – Given intelligence.

Strength & Vitality is the fourth front of change, leading the way in multiplicity ideas creating strength and courage to bring much-needed support to people in a health crises.

This is the start of my brilliant career, my journey, my faith, my hope and love to others… The great unknown of life……


Best wishes

Michelle Richardson



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