I am celebrating my 39th birthday for the 9th year, and think I might just master it this go around, and be able to move on up in January.

My story is simple – but not really. Looking back, it’s easy to summarize:

Alot. Of. Pain.

From the age of 4 – 14, I was molested by four adults in my family. An Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, and then the Aunt’s Husband, my Uncle by marriage.

I learned to close my eyes, do what they liked to get it over with quickly… and so, at a very young age, I was quite the little sexual deviant.

Sadly, I began using that “talent” to get attention, love, Husbands, and yeah… anything I wanted. But, all that activity cost me – An Ovary, and ultimately the ability to carry children. After Six miscarriages, 4 divorces, and a couple of raging drug addictions which earned me two
felonies… I found Jesus.

That’s when life began to make sense. I had been through those things, and though I bottled up a ton of anger at every adult in my life, and it all came out as rebellion, self-sabotage, and what appeared as a sheer suicidal path… I wanted more. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be successful. But, let’s face it – how could someone like me, be any of that?


Shortly after I found Jesus, I began writing fictional stories. Stories that just popped into my head. The stories were always about people that God touched, that He healed, delivered, showered miracles upon, or brought people in their lives, that helped them find Him.

Yeah, I am a Christian Fiction author… hold your hat, that has sold a whopping 14 copies in over 6 months. That’s because I haven’t mastered the art of marketing. It’s a weird sort of thing…I have so much inside of me to write and share with the world, yet the bills are killing me. My husband works and we are trying to knock out our debt… but first we have to get to the point that we aren’t receiving disconnection notices every week for our utilities.

I was working for one of my best friends, who wanted me to run her office… until she decided to let me go to employ a family member. Yeah, that crushed me… but, here I am. I have decided that with god leading me, I am determined to utilize my author webpage to provide inspiration, encouragement, and motivation based on my personal experience through my blog posts.

I am green, so, to speak… super NEON green… as I spend hours learning about SEO, emails, digital products and writing good posts. I refuse to give up, because my family deserves the best of me, and I just believe that if set out to help as many woman as I possibly can… my family will be blessed.

(P.S. This is my first guest post! YEAHHHH.)

Be Blessed and Make the Best of All Things!

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