I started out with a career in law! I never went to university I studied at home with the Institute of Legal Executives whilst working full time in the beginning (and then dropped down to 4 days when I had two small children). I have worked hours and hours at home studying…locking myself away from everyone so I could study. I am very lucky to have a supportive husband who took the children out so I could work.

I suffered from a lot of insecurities growing up..always thinking I wasn’t clever enough and who was I kidding wanting a career in law. I had a lot of self doubt. Anyway..I got on with my study and behind the scenes I would become obsessed with it. Failure was not an option..I felt I had a lot to prove given that I did not go to university like the other Solicitors I worked with and with being a mum at 24 with my first child (in the middle of exams and working in the city). I taught myself study methods that have helped me grow as a person. Not only was I teaching myself that law, I was also teaching myself discipline. To be a home student whilst working can be lonely and you also need constant motivation. Would be quite easy just to say you couldn’t be bothered one night.

About two years ago my husband opened an Italian restaurant (it had always been his dream). I helped him as much as I could whilst studying and working and being a mum. I would take on all the marketing and really push the business in all areas I could give support, together with working front of house as a waitress when needed.

We decided in January that it was time to leave the rat race and corporate world…although I was passing exams with distinctions…something was missing. I felt a constant guilt of working long hours at the office while my children were growing up very quickly and I would never get this time back…they aren’t small for long and I didn’t want to live with regret. I also felt like there was something more for me than sitting at desk all day being dictated to..told when I can have holiday taking turns for lunch. There is so much more to life and there is a reason I am her.

Since January I have been a marketing director for my husbands business which has been fantastic. I love the creative side and am passionate about the business succeeding and expanding. I have also just set up my own mentoring business where I have been helping law students with achieving their goals and passing exams. I have over 10 reviews now. It just started out of nowhere! I helped one person by setting up timetables and then it just progressed. I am passionate about my study methods and feel a real sense of achievement by passing this knowledge on. It also means I have not wasted the years of studying to become a solicitor. I have actually set up an income based business from home. I am now working on my book which I hope to publish “how to smash exams and accomplish every goal in life”


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