The idea of creating Ella’s Eve Cosmetics, along with my sister Lissa Ann, came about back in 2017. My professional background is in higher education and counseling, while Lissa’s background is in customer outreach and event planning. We both moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic a little over 13 years ago to pursue our college education. While we both have versatile backgrounds, our love for makeup came about watching many different makeup gurus on social media. We would always joke around how it would be cool to own our own brand, but never really looked into it. One day we were talking about how there are not that many Latina owned cosmetics brands out there, so we started researching and trying to learn how to create a line.

Our entrepreneurial drive kicked in and we started working on it from there. Our brand has been officially running for a little over 3 months now, so we are fairly new :). We have learned so much throughout this whole process and we still continue to do so. We put a lot of thought on every aspect of our brand and we do everything ourselves. That has been one of the struggles we face throughout this journey because we are a small business, we have to wear many hats (social media, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.) Regardless, we love doing it because we truly believe in our brand.

We strive for our products to be paraben free, cruelty free, but overall to provide good quality products. It was very important to us to create a brand that resonated with everyone in terms of boosting self-confidence and self-beauty. We also wanted for other fellow Latinas, overall women, to see that they can also work towards their goals if they set their minds to it and that nothing is impossible if there is will and strength. We hope that our success in this business will open doors to others that can relate to us.

Again, thank you so much for the opportunity!

P.S. From the pictures attached, Lissa Ann is the one with the hair up, while im the one with hair down.


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