I like to call my business my accidental calling because I stumbled right into it.

Stumbled into it, not really by accident, but because I have always let my intuition be the driving force behind everything I choose to do.

I started blogging and sharing my photography online when I was 31, back in 2000.

Fast forward to 2007 when, after finally finishing my college degree, I decided to find a way to make money writing online.

I was on my way to minor success writing about Sustainable City Living, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

My articles were awesome, but creating each one was like pulling teeth, like writing a research paper on that one topic choice I was interested in, over and over.

Then, one night, I was inspired to write about a metaphysical philosophy that had been on my mind.

And, by the end of that week, I was blogging about personal growth and spiritual philosophies, under my pen name.

I did this for a little over seven years, writing what I needed to hear, all the while pushing forward on coaching programs and courses that I was inspired to create as a result of what I was writing.

All with the intention of creating something to supplement my retirement

With no rhyme, reason or plan, I used this blog as a platform to not only destress from my day job, but to experiment with business ideas and philosophies, as well.

I intentionally played small because I felt like I had the time to figure things out on my own and knew in my heart that I would someday need step away from my pen name.

I was also playing small because I was having serious issues with money and was struggling to acquire the funds necessary to grow my business.

But, fate stepped in and I was able to address all this while healing from an ankle fracture at the beginning of 2015.

Healing this fracture was a great time of clarity for me on so many levels because I was forced to sit down and step away from my life for four months.

I was even able to start working on my money issues and was led to someone who started helping me with my mindset issues.

But in regards to my business, even after I got back on my feet, I attempted to find work I could do because I still had it in my head that this was to supplement my retirement.

Well, the Universe had other ideas and kept letting me know that I was playing too small by continually planting me in the space of having a day job that didn’t fit, with my own coaching and healing business being the only thing that made sense.

In 2017 I got serious, got a coach, kept things moving and one day I suddenly wasn’t feeling it anymore.

So perplexing, because I felt very similar to how I felt when I wrote those great articles 10 years before.

My coach was thrilled when I told her I was going to walk away from it all, so I could get clear, because she had done the same thing herself.

But, that was the trouble with everything I had done up to then. Even though I was following my intuition and exploring what I felt like exploring, since I had no clear plan or mission, I was unable to pull my true offerings out of all that wonderful, creative mess.

So, for 9 months, I was off my social media, I stopped working on the classes I was creating and I didn’t even blog (well, I did, a little, here and there, in secret).

I had to step away from all of that and what an eye opener those 9 months were.

I got my Reiki certifications, I explored my new offering of making healing jewelry, I tried starting a business with my sister (which, unfortunately, ended poorly), I deleted six years of unfinished projects and I focused on myself.

But, I never changed my underlying process, I followed my intuition the whole time.

I listened and created a group on Facebook, when the time felt right.

I listened and worked the heck out of a program my coach put together to spiff up my branding, to finally put together a coaching package that was a true reflection of what I have to offer and I really started “putting myself out there”.

But, most importantly, something one of my favorite business mentors loves to say, “Starting your own business will make you face your own **it like nothing else.”

So, yeah, along with all this great new clarity, every time I turn around, I am facing something in my life, that needs to be healed.

Every time I process whatever it is that needs to be healed, I get clearer, more uplifted opportunities come my way and I run into the right people at just the right time.

In summary, my closing bit of advice to anyone starting their own business is that you always have to be willing to bend, to stretch, to change course “on a dime” and make the decisions that make others scratch their heads.

If you want your business to be the best it can be, then you have to be willing to do the inner work along with the outer work, because, in the end, your business is a reflection of you and what you have to offer the world.

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