Stop fitting in, Be YOU!

“As a child I had ghosts as friends. Some would say somewhat unusual, but I loved having my ghost friends. My parents were very supportive allowing me to lay a place for them at the dinner table.

But it all changed when I went to school.  I was told not to be so silly, how could I have ghosts as friends?

To accommodate the teachers, I stopped mentioning ghost and began the long and painful journey of trying to fit in!  I am sure you can think of someone you know who doesn’t fit in, maybe they are very quiet, or find it hard to express themselves, maybe it’s the way they dress, or their quirky ideas, even the way they look and behave.

Being different impacts what you think about yourself as you don’t conform to the expectations of those around you.  You feel you are unacceptable.  I know because I have experienced feelings of not being good enough and not belonging, because I wasn’t ‘normal!’

It wasn’t anyone’s fault it was simply the reality of attending school in a wheel chair until I was 8 due to an ongoing health problem, then I moving from school to school as my family moved around.

I used to arrive at the new school half way through term, not knowing anyone and being too shy to make friends, if I could.  It was so obvious I wasn’t welcome as I watched everyone playing and chatting in the playground. It certainly reinforced my feelings of not being good enough and not belonging as I stood on my own.

Everything began to change for me just before my 40th birthday when I stopped worrying about what others thought and began to have the courage to be ME!

It came about due to a Tarot reading I had, which consequently led to me being invited to join a spiritual group, which met every month, to share and support each other.   At the time it was quite a lonely existence being psychic, as you were seen as different and weird.

I like so many others, have had my ups and downs, such as divorcing, being made redundant, ill health, financial worry and strain yet I always kept going, there was something in me which gave me the strength, regardless of what was thrown at me.  At times it really felt I was in hell!  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Due to the not good enough and not belonging programmes I used to control my life. I hit the lowest point of my life when I lost my beautiful home after spending years in a financial wilderness of boom and bust.

It was only when I stopped resisting my higher self and listened to my intuition, which had been trying to guide me all along did I step into my power as a Tarot Reader and Spiritual Life Coach,  resulting in life being more joyful and abundant.  Although there is still some work to be done to be fully connected to source as I am still holding on to some of my beliefs, but they come from past lives, generations and are in my DNA

I have spent years and £000’s training as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and much more, but the greatest gift I have has always been with me, my intuition. You are born intuitive; you have the ability to listen to your higher self and be guided to take the path of least resistance.

However, it is the nature of humans, to let our ego control of our thoughts, and feelings, leading to a life of unhappiness, confusion, worry and stress, as we prevent ourselves from being powerful spiritual beings

When you remember you are connected to source, and can be and do anything, then your dreams will manifest with ease and joy.

It is only by letting go of my beliefs and acknowledging I am good enough, worthy and belong, have I been able to release the guilt, shame, judgement, blame and sadness I have lived with for years. In finally believing in myself and loving myself fully, am I now, able to support others to live their greatness.

Regardless of where you are at present, don’t be afraid to move beyond the world you know as you expand and grow when you focus on what you love!”

Love and light


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