Hello! I’m Julia Trask, a life coach, author, motivational speaker & clothing designer.

I’m so pleased to be part of this series helping empower women.

In 2015 I began my business unbeknownst to me that it would turn out to be (thus far) a business that helps people across 10 countries to overcome their fears, doubts & lack of confidence.

I am very honoured to have the privilege to work with my clients. Helping others love themselves & their life has always been on my agenda however the quest to make a global impact began when I was violated in London & had hit rock bottom. At the very core of who I was, hidden underneath guilt & shame, was a deep intrinsic knowledge that I am valuable.

Once I discovered how to transform my life with coaching I couldn’t keep the secret hidden, I felt it was my social responsibility to help others even in their darkest times. Because of this Julia Trask Coaching has become an extension of me & everything I stand for.

I’m on a mission to instil that very knowledge I had in the minds of everyone I meet- you are valuable beyond measure. I believe when this self loving thought is in people’s hearts they can get out of any tough situation in their life, proving to themselves that nothing defines who they are but themselves.

My clients frequently comment about my ability to question in a way that uncovers the truth they’ve been unable to see for themselves.

I’ve been privledged enough to help clients who have seen psychologists for many years about issues without resolve, providing them consistent breakthroughs in various parts of their life where they always felt ‘stuck’. This along with my ability to build rapport with others is something I find helps my coaching business significantly. I’ve also been blessed with the ability to write well which enables me to reach wide audiences with my blog & published books..

The best piece of advice I have been given I would probably say that it’s to ensure your 5 closest people value who you are & have the same mindset & approach to you.

When you are around people who don’t support you or who treat life with less respect & fervor as you it’s easy to lack the motivation to succeed & to fall back into patterns of behaviour & mindsets that do not serve you.

I’ve had to remove people in my life who weren’t adding value to me, it was initially a scary concept as I wondered ‘who will turn up now?’ but I completely overhauled my happiness, health & business with this one thing & it didn’t take long for the right people to come into my life.

Nothing beats networking in person where you can share the buzz with fellow entrepreneurs & wellness warriors however I find I’m frequently networking in Facebook Groups & I love it.

The opportunity you have to connect with people who are on the same wave length as you is made simple with Facebook groups. It’s really helpful to create that connection online especially if you ever feel geographically isolated or unsupported in your business ventures, which I think happens for many business owners.


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