I’ve always had a keen passion to do something more, something different, something challenging and to try new things. Around four months ago in February 2018 – the idea for Ever Nurture was born. I dreamt that Ever Nurture would be THE online store for growing families to shop and find all their eco, natural & organic products made by small Australian brands. Ever Nurture has very recently been launched and I am just starting my journey as a small business owner.

My name is Jazz – I am based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. I love running, food, coffee, animals, adventure and having fun.

I got to where I am today from having a passion for family health. I am a Nurse and Midwife and have postgraduate qualifications in Child, Family and Community Nursing. My passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of families has 100% lead me to where I am today – juggling full time employment whilst running my online store.

The self growth and learning since I started down this path has been huge. I have learnt new skills in website development, SEO, social media, connection building, wholesale and have met some truly amazing people along the way.

Now let’s be honest. The emotional rollercoaster when setting up, launching and running a business is full on. The hardest part for me has been confidence. Building confidence in yourself, your business and your passions is so important. As soon as you start doubting yourself even a little – the spiral is hard to get out of. So my advice would be keep positive, keep moving FORWARD and absolutely disregard the negativity from yourself and those around you. Building up a little firewall of self confidence and belief in what you’re doing is crucial for your success.

My belief is that by sharing lots of stories from women that are following their dreams, it will encourage many others to do the same.


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