I trained in Dance since I was 6.
I was pushed into it by a friend and I gelled with art in many ways. 
The natural flow of things were to train and become a professional theatre perform or find your niche in teaching. I loved the idea and the buzz of performing but I had absolutely no inclination to teach.

Being in the studio saved me from the parental war that was going on at home so Dance for me became a silent expression of grief. I hit a slippery slope during this process and became suicidal and depressed at a very tender age. No one explained what was going on, I puppeted between a dad who had multiple personalities and a mother who was inconsistent and self centred. There was deadly silence, fighting and confusion and in all of this I continued to Dance and speak through my movement.
I stayed with it and all of a sudden this urge to teach came upon me when I was still a teen. Performing was not enough and there was this urgent need to share. I was 18 when life literally threw the opportunity at me and I found myself at the lead of a class teaching choreography and technique. I continued with this path for a few years and although I had an equal measure of performance and teaching, there was a dullness in my gut that seemed to have settled with me for good
I blamed it on my childhood, my parents and everything around me as I just couldn’t comprehend why I was so sad doing exactly what I loved. I heard people declare that I should get a proper job working for a paycheck and that Dance would never fulfill my needs. The idea to make someone else’s dream come true was never on my agenda so I persisted with being a freelance dance teacher and the sadness grew.
There was an unexplainable void apart from a broken childhood and Depression.

I guess life flashed some signs at me but they went unnoticed
My confusion meant that there was no clarity in my mission until years later when I gave birth to my son. I was 28

The birth was traumatic and it literally broke my body.
I was left struggling to walk. 
All that I knew was literally taken away from me and I fought demons that I never knew before. Depression cropped its beastly head again and I slipped into more unknown.

Doctors declared that I should pack my bags as I would never Dance again but I smirked at each and every one of them. I couldn’t permit a few strangers to shove their false opinions over something that had been a life saver for many years. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and reconstruct my broken body

My coccyx had been traumatised and I had suffered a severity to the pelvis. My abdominal wall was torn due to a manual placenta removal and it meant I could poke myself all the way down from belly to my spine with no muscular interruptions. I lost all my muscle tone and my stability to stand and walk disappeared. For 3 years I struggled until I lost use of my right leg.

I was pushed to the darkest corner. There was no movement in my life and life seemed to have pushed the pause button on everything. I couldn’t even take care of my boy.

This was the moment I learnt that when you reach rock bottom the only way is up.
This was also a moment I had to sit still and everything surfaced and became clear. 
I had no clue why this was happening but I knew and was determined to get myself back. There was no way in this world I was going to give up just like that.

If only I knew at that point that this would be the most phenomenal pivot in my life and career.
Purely out of intuition, Yoga kept coming to mind. 
I had never done it but it seemed to be knocking at my door. I spoke to people, researched and listened to what seemed to be life’s invisible guidance. I remember speaking to an Indian person and he said, 
‘Janet, just pack your bags and offer yourself to India for full healing’ 
Yeah right, as easy as that, I would leave a 2 year old so I could pursue my mission. So I looked further until I literally sat down one day and realized that there must be knowledge within me that I just need to access.

And so I did.
The pause caused me to assess things and really listen.
I listened to the body and became very insular in my perception. I took all of my Dance and all that I was getting to know about Yoga, got down and dirty with a plan to get my body back, designed my own recovery prescription and did it.

During this transition, I had time to also redesign other things in life which weren’t working. I found myself seeking a lot of silence in answer to my questions and this brought back the peace.
It took me 9 months to get myself back on track and when I was done, it was as if someone had placed an invisible ad or shouted it out to the universe, that I had just rehabilitated myself from a severe trauma.

My career changed over night
I started getting calls from people asking me to ‘fix’ their body. I was still teaching Dance but all of a sudden I felt this fire raging inside me, a fire that said, t
‘This is it, this is your mission. You are here to fix people and not to teach them steps!

That dullness left and I slowly transitioned to a very defined mission – that to work with individuals and redesign their spinal alignment, their core, how they breath and the whole physical structure.
Then I got really curious about the deeper spiritual side of Yoga and when my son was older, I packed and took off to India. This was the start of a phenomenal journey

My life changed, my career transitioned fluidly and the growth was immense.
I have witnessed incredible transformations and healing, ones that I wouldn’t have seen in a Dance studio.

I am blessed however to have had Dance as my foundation as when Yoga joined forces with my art, I was in the most magical position to use the priceless knowledge about the body for my own healing

Following a solid decade of rehabilitation work, I then experienced another massive transition as very subtly I realized that I wanted to be able to guide people on a deeper level. Through my own childhood storms, the brush with suicide and growing up with a mentally disturbed parent, I became inclined to go deep into the study of the mind.

Through the rehab work I was doing with clients, I discovered how strong the mental attitude is on the physical realm. Even our posture determines what we have been through and how it has effected us. I never planned for any of this to happen but the intuition and deep urge to re arrange the body to heal the inner layer subtly slipped into my work

Yoga Therapy, the healing potency of the Breathe and Meditation formed the foundation for root healing but I knew there was more.

After my own experiences in Regression and Inner Child Therapy, I found myself once again being called to assist people on a much higher level.
This gave me the push to take my career further and so I trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy. This was a concoction that really resonated with what I wanted to do next and so I added it to my box of holistic tools

I still teach Dance till today but my mission is to get the dancer to understand the phenomenal choreography between the mind and the body. Teaching steps is no longer part of the curriculum

The Yoga that I offer is based on the authentic and very raw experience that I had. I’m not into the conventional styles of doing things so I concoct prescriptions according to the individual’s journey whether they want to sit still and breathe, restructure how they sit or redesign their whole life perception

When it comes to trauma and guiding people to redesign their lives, I feel that all the storms, breakdowns and set backs were the backbone of this part of my work. I can relate to many areas of grief whether it involves the mind and the body and getting someone else on track is now the most natural thing for me to do. 

Through this phenomenal journey I also found my way with words and I am currently writing a book especially dedicated to women. This is giving me the opportunity to share all the crazy sexy unconventional steps I went through to heal trauma from a destructive childhood, suicidal depression and a broken body. My aim is to really guide women how to redesign their lives and fall deeply and madly in love with themselves.

A little note from me. 
My most loving advice to you reading this is to ALWAYS listen to your gut and intuition. You know deep down inside but you need to be still and silent and let it show you the way. If there is sadness around what you do currently use it as a navigator as that means some things are not in place and your emotions are showing you the way.
And also, never make people’s opinions of what you should and shouldn’t do with your life and career any of your business.

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