I am an entrepreneur located in Spain and I am creating something big
My brand of smartphone and low cost smartwatch called “KUNFABO” created and designed by a woman.

The world of technology is very difficult if you are a woman because they do not take you very seriously and it seems crazy when your wife decides to enter this world dominated by giant man and multinational.

Also if you do not have sponsors and capitalist partners it is even more complicated.
it is my case I am financing the project from my pocket, no bank you want to lend me, the business angels only want if you have bandages and you are in the market.

But I have managed to create the brand and the functional prototype, many people start to take me seriously and I am organizing a crowdfunding to be able to finance the project and be able to mass produce the devices in addition to enhancing them.

My objectives see my brand in the market and that it be globally known.
Position kunfabo as a new alternative in the world of technologies.

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