Let me tell you a story, better yet let me paint you a picture of a mythical tribe… imagine a tribe of amazing women, powerful superheros, women who put a smile on their face hold their head up high and straighten their own crowns. Women who lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, women who work their tails off to achieve their dreams when others are saying no. Women who against all odds do not give up because they back themselves 100% all the way even when they are unsure, women who are working to achieve their dreams just to show their wee ones that they too can achieve greatness.

These women are the pilar of confidence you are in aww of them they make you feel powerful just by telling you their story. Can you imagine such a tribe of women??? What if I told you they really do exist? Would you believe me? possibly not?? Infact they do actually exist and they are all across the globe!! – These women are the ones who you pass in the street and you do not give them a second look because they are just another face in the crowd. I bet you even know one of these amazing women, you just dont know it!

These women all have a story – a unique story to tell, an empowering story to tell!

A long time ago before Kiss Branding and Design was born Renee and Rebecca sat down and said to each other – when we start our dream business it needs to have a purpose behind it, something to give our hard work extra meaning, something to grow relationships from – something powerful… After throwing around ideas some not too bad others down right crazy we came up with the best idea of them all to Empower ALL Women young and not so young across the globe with a powerful tribe of women behind us! DING it was a light bulb moment and we grabbed it with two hands and ran with it.

Fast forward to the present Kiss Branding and Design was born and in turn so was #Empowerwomenwithkiss movement! With our statement Superhero image with a simple slogan “Calling all superhero women in business” we set off into the land of Social media and put the call out to recruit these amazing women!

Wow what a response, women from all over the globe saw our smoke signals that only superheros can see and the compiled their stories all with a common drive behind them.. To share their unique story to all the land in hopes of Empowering other women who just may read their story and relate to it, it might be their story that helps a superhero in the making get out of bed and keep going… striving towards their dreams and goals for the future. So come along with us on a journey of discovery as we travel to all the corners of the globe each Wednesday as we meet our Superhero Women in Business the women behind the #empowerwomenwithkiss movement !

Rebecca Bowler

Passionate about helping female entrepreneurs thrive online & by creating a brand & website that attracts ideal clients!

Renee Falckh

Passionate about helping female entrepreneurs thrive online & by creating a brand & website that attracts ideal clients!

Julia Trask

A life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker & Clothing Designer

Bronwyn Dering

I’m a 37 year old mother of 4. Creating award winning small goods and loving it!!!!

Shayla Foster

Shayla. Mum. Daughter. Sister. Creator. Designer. Teacher. And more.

Marica Canter

My life is like many women spinning plates in the air simultaneously.

Somalia Vincent

Baby Lanah’s & Co. started from an idea I had to become my own boss.

Anza Goodbar

I burst my “What if …” bubble; You can too!

Michele Brown

Alot. Of. Pain. I found Jesus. That’s when life began to make sense.

Michelle Richardson

A woman with a voice that no one understood.

Richa Joshi

The story of Dual Nation started in early 2017 with a fantastic idea.

Marion Jackson

I am often contacted by people asking about becoming VA.

Crystal Kordalchuk

The Foundation of a Story … My Story. Building My Empire … Virtually Untangled.

Barbra Lee Dickson

“Think it, Say it, Do it.” Barbara-Lee started her journey into self-employment 10 years ago.

Vanessa Fritz

I recently just launched my maternity concierge service in May of this year.

Melissa Polanco

The idea of creating Ella’s Eve Cosmetics, along with my sister Lissa Ann, came about back in 2017.

Fadima Diawara

My brand of smartphone and low cost smartwatch called “KUNFABO” created and designed by a woman.

Dee Bowden

3 years ago in 2015 I attended a conference that was the catalyst for me to step out again to create my own revenue recovery business.


I’m a medical doctor by profession and designer, entrepreneur and businesswoman by passion.

Karen Bashford

Stop fitting in, Be YOU! But it all changed when I went to school. I was told not to be so silly, how could I have ghosts as friends?

Josie Myers

How My Life Changed for the Better After Two Battles With Infertility.

Nisa Neethling

Working as a freelance Content Writer for approximately two years still saw me operating in “employee mode”.

Lartelle Ross

I like to call my business my accidental calling because I stumbled right into it.

Olga Barrett

My name is Olga Barrett. I was born in Russia and moved to Australia to my Aussie husband 12 years ago.

Jasmin Self

I’ve always had a keen passion to do something more, something different, something challenging and to try new things.

Joanne Lucas

I felt unsettled once I achieved my goal. My next step was to have a baby. I was bricking it when I thought about birth, everyone telling me ‘it hurts’ etc.

Sarah Bruce

Don’t be afraid to turn right! I’m sitting on the chair watching the rain come down and I think to myself, ‘time for me to make a change’.

Tania Stacey

My name is Tania Stacey, a tea specialist, YouTuber, tea educator and online tea sales.

Hannah Porter

They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person. That’s me.

Janet Vella

I trained in Dance since I was 6.
I was pushed into it by a friend and I gelled with art in many ways.

Lesha Delune

If I can do it, you can too 15 years in business & it keeps on getting better!

Merinda Polvere

I started out with a career in law! I never went to university I studied at home with the Institute of Legal Executives.

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