BCS Solutions is a startup revenue recovery business. I launched a collection agency 10 years ago, got into massive debt, closed it and returned to work in government contracting. I worked for several years to pay off all the credit card debt and got it done.
3 years ago in 2015 I attended a conference that was the catalyst for me to step out again to create my own revenue recovery business. This time unlike last time I enrolled in school. I am a graduate of Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success School of Business Acceleration Program. I attend conferences/seminars to learn about starting and maintaining a business. I continue each day to read/learn something new that will remind me that for the 2nd time this is a good idea. I have to believe there is a target market and opportunity to serve and make a difference.

Mindset is everything when you step out to do something again after having failed the first time. I believe my gift of collecting money for business to business and business to government is necessary. Changing the mindset about Accounts Receivables and Collections Management is part of my plan when I work with my future clients. My dream is that BCS Solutions is known for improving in house collections, providing training and consulting services and it’s the Premier Revenue Recovery Consulting Firm, has great partner relationships and impacts companies with its message and my passion for recovering money.

One of the key differences this time around is that I still work full time, I ask for support in the areas where I am weak in and am ok with what I don’t know. I operate in my brilliance, give thanks to God daily, recognize this is a journey and embrace the open doors that come.
I strive to help others with encouragement/support as often as I can.
I learned that being grateful (showing gratitude opens up new doors of opportunity)

Thanks for this amazing opportunity

Dee Bowden
BCS Solutions

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