The Girl in Gumboots

I’m a 37 year old mother of 4 (5 if count my husband!) NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be creating award winning small goods and absolutely smashing it and loving it!!!!

– I’m a beauty therapist by trade!!

We live in rural Canterbury on a shingle road in the middle of nowhere and together my husband and I started a homekill business 11 years ago that progressed to being dual operated and selling at farmers markets and building my own brand The Naked Banger Food Company – now this didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t bloody easy at all, I have had my fair share of shit over the years, a couple of years ago I fired my husband, he was suffering from depression and severe anxiety, he had poured his heart and soul into building a thriving homekill operation that by this time employed 5 full time staff. I was pregnant with no 4 – Alyce, Alyce who the f*%k is Alyce – she was a bloody surprise!

But that’s a story for another day!

We had just experienced a massive growth and the pressure was unreal, too much for him to handle so one day I just decided that I needed to feed my children and he was no good to me in this state so he began working part time away from the butchery and the house and slowly began to come to back to us.

Me on the other hand had bloody big shoes to fill – apart from the day to day running of the factory I had no idea how to cook any of our small goods or even how to mix the bloody recipes!!!!!

Thankfully we changed a few things and cut back on staff and me and my trusty first mate Poppa John began to see awesome progress and our systems were beginning to make life easier and we won a few gold medals for our biersticks SO I got bored with no challenge anymore and The Naked Banger was born, I played around with sausages that have no fillers or preservatives but they didnt really work so along came the Naked Buck – Goat salamis and chorizo and I can honestly say that I built these babies from the ground up – even the name!!!!!

I am slowly building the brand and getting products on the shelf along with juggling 4 plus 1 and my own demons – every day the guilt for not being a mother gets me and the self doubt about what the hell I’m doing and can I really make this work?

We have an amazing family network that helps at the drop of a hat and I will be forever grateful for that. As for me The Girl in Gumboots I am by no means finished shaking up the meat industry and putting my mark on the world, incase you hadn’t figured I am very passionate about my products, team and family.

I have done some public speaking about my journey and I loved it, I stood in a room full of amazing women and basically took my clothes off and bared my soul, tears and swear words and all! There is far more to this story but for fear of boring you all shitless know this The Girl in Gumboots isn’t finished her journey!!!

I am in boots n all!!!

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